This New Online Store Wants To Help You Smuggle Festival Grog In Scarves, Binoculars & More

A new website called Smuggle Your Alcohol is hoping to change the way you think about sneaking alcohol into festivals, by providing a range of strange but clever devices to help you get past security.

The hassle of getting grog into festivals has plagued Aussie punters for decades, with a strict no BYO alcohol policy at festivals and other events often leaving only the most creative festival-goers with booze on the inside.

Sure, there’s that one bro who snuck beer into Lollapalooza by posing as a delivery man, but more often than not these crafty methods go in ‘the too hard basket’, or you end up sipping on an old sunscreen bottle that still tastes a bit too much like sunscreen.

Now, the game has changed. As Stoney Roads points out, Smuggle Your Alcohol takes the basic shape and look of everyday things that you might have at a festival — like hairbrushes, cooler blocks and scarves (wait, scarves?) — and creates clean flasks for you to use instead.

They look insanely legit too, and their deodorant can flask even sports a Lynx logo (well, until the Lynx lawyers get to them). The sunscreen tube has UV specifications written on it as well, and who the hell would even think to open the caps on a pair of binoculars to look inside for grog? They’re even selling a tiny funnel to make it easy to full each flask.

Check out some of the incredible collection just in time for summer, below, and the bonkers full range over at the Smuggle Your Alcohol online store.

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