Thom Yorke Shares Unreleased Music, Touring Plans For 2017

Thom Yorke sat in to co-host a three-hour show on BBC 1 last night, and it was definitely an eventful few hours, brimming with music and chats.

Yorke spoke about Radiohead‘s touring plans for 2017, which – despite the band not having any locked in dates yet – definitely exist. He explained that, after their set at this year’s fast-approaching Austin City Limits Festival, “There’s a break, and then we’ll do some more next year, but I don’t know exactly what yet.”

Fingers crossed Australia will be on the cards then, ay?

He also discussed his burning desire to get supergroup Atoms for Peace back together as soon as Radiohead is less busy (Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers will also need to have a little more time on his hands, too).

The chat soon turned to Yorke’s head-turning release strategies, like when he stirred things up by giving fans the option to create their own price tag for In Rainbows. Yorke’s latest solo album Modern Boxes was also left of centre in terms of it’s release, when he put it out through BitTorrent. But these days, Yorke says, he’s done with devising creative ways to unleash his music on the world.

“Ugh, yeah, again… Enough of that now. I’ve entirely had enough of that… Just put it out, man. No more fuss, just put it out. I’m getting too old for that bit. It takes away from things a bit, sometimes frustrating,” he said.

“The energy of trying to figure out how to do it differently and circumvent the monsters and you’re like… whatever.”

Yorke also played listeners an unreleased second remix that he did of DOOM’s Gazillion Ear back in 2011, and spoke about more potential collaborations with Burial and Fourtet, to follow their 2011 vinyl release.

Turns out, after Yorke layed down some vocals for a potential new collab, Kieran Hebden aka Fourtet, pronounced them “too dark”.

“I’m hoping to do it again soon. I did another thing, and the vocal was ‘too dark,’ said Kieran [Hebden],” Yorke said, laughing. “Which for me is like ‘Really, too dark? Even for me? OK.’”

Listen to the full three-hour show here.

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