Thom Yorke Is A Sinner Being Lured By Satan, According To A Christian Group

A Christian Twitter page called Generation For God has used Thom Yorke‘s face to show eight things that Satan uses to “enslave you and destroy you”.

Most Radiohead fans have probably referred to Yorke as a God at least one time in their lives, so this marks a distinct switch of roles for the frontman, who is now being portrayed as El Diablo’s unholy servant on the planet earth.

The Generation For God want to “return the supernatural power of God to the streets,” and as such they’ve used Yorke’s face to warn people about the lure of Satan. Around the singer’s head are words such as “pornography”, “drugs” and “atheism”.

This same Twitter page also groups homosexuality with paedophilia and adultery, saying that it is not “love” but a sin.

While it’s unmistakably Yorke’s face, it’s probably unlikely that these dudes knew they were actually targeting the Radiohead frontman (the same image has been used to sell medication in Russia and also featured on the cover of a book in Iran discussing sexual and martial problems).

Indeed, it seems Yourke’s iconic noggin has become somewhat of a stock image.

In other Yorke news, the supposed antichrist has also put together the Bedtime Mix for Radio 1. It features Luke Abbott, Laurie Spiegel and James Holden as well as a solo version of In Rainbows track Bloom.

And despite Generation For God’s suggestions, it’s heavenly. Listen to it here.

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