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Three-Year-Old DJ Arch Jnr Somehow Wins ‘South Africa’s Got Talent’

We weren’t sure if this day would come, but it has — three-year-old DJ Arch Jnr has taken home the grand prize on the latest season of South Africa’s Got Talent by turning some knobs and twisting the judges’ heartstrings with his cuteness.

Since making people lose their shit at his audition for the show earlier this year, DJ Arch Jnr has managed to beat out five other finalists with his latest super-smooth performance, which can be viewed in full below.

While Arch Jnr looks like he doesn’t have much of an idea about what he’s actually doing during his performances, he definitely has some skill. That said, we’re super surprised that the toddler’s DJ chops have won him such a major competition.

Being so young, Arch Jnr now has a second laptop which is solely used to count him into a track. “At three he doesn’t really understand time very well,” says his dad Glen Hlongwane, who was way more excited about the big win than Arch Jnr was.

Arch Jnr rose to fame earlier this year after his dad began posting videos of him DJing on YouTube. Now, with almost 100,000 Facebook followers and a solid cash prize under his belt, brace yourself for some new kid-friendly mixtapes.

Catch footage of Arch Jnr’s latest South Africa’s Got Talent performance and post-win interview, below.

Watch: Three-Year-Old DJ Arch Jnr Wins South Africa’s Got Talent

Watch: DJ Arch Jnr Interview

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