Tom Delonge Has Written A Book To Help You Believe In UFOs

Former Blink 182 guitarist Tom Delonge has just co-authored a book about UFOs and government conspiracies. The book is called Chasing Shadows and it’s co-written by novelist A.J. Hartley.

Chasing Shadows is the first part of a multi-media project about that which cannot be explained called ‘Sekret Machines’. The project has has taken up most of Delonge’s attention since leaving Blink, and will eventually encompass novels, comics, documentaries, feature films and more.

While a work of fiction, the book aims to ease readers into the idea of believing in UFOs, and the government secrets surrounding them, via fictionalised accounts of real events. “It’s the first time we’re going to be answering questions and communicating things about this topic to the world. This project is going to be something that I think could be pretty revolutionary,” Delong told Esquire.

Delonge has long been fascinated with UFOs. “How can you not be completely obsessed with that? You’re telling me we’ve conquered gravity and nobody’s known about it? You’re telling me there’s a bunch of weird shit going on on the Moon that nobody knows about and that’s why we haven’t gone back?”

The Angels & Airways frontman also says he spent a long time researching and setting up meetings with government officials, using his fame to get to people who may not have given him the time of day otherwise.

“For me to go into the areas I did and pitch something with knowledge, to bring ideas that had a voice that they don’t have, I think that’s what resonated with them. Being who I am afforded me at least an open door. But once you get in there, you gotta say something smart,” he says.

“My knowledge of the UFO phenomenon as an academic of the subject and presenting a thesis to these people instantly made them understand that I could be a rare force that could execute this type of a project. I also understood the more scary and complex parts of the phenomenon.”

Chasing Shadows is due for official release April 5th and can be pre-ordered now.

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