Tone Venue Closing Down In September

Another huge blow to the Sydney music scene: Dalinghurst venue Tone has announced it will be closing its doors in September. Since opening, the venue has hosted a number of gigs and parties and helped fill the gap left after iconic venues like the Hopetoun and the Excelisor closed down. Here’s the statement from the venue. The Venue will be turned into a restaurant but Tone management are hoping to find a new venue asap so maybe all is not lost.

Statement from tone management:

Dear friends of Tone,

Due to circumstances beyond our control (which we can’t go into for legal reasons) Tone Venue will cease trading from its current location on Monday September 19th. We believe that the venue is to become some kind of cheesy, themed restaurant …

We are already searching for a new venue and in the meantime will continue to be involved with some of the best events in town, so please make sure to keep that dial locked on Tone. We’ll keep you in the loop.

We now have 4 weeks, 21 kick arse events, 7 Internationals, 11 launch parties, a thousand dance moves and a bajillion beers to get through before we say goodbye to our current home and hello to a new day.

Anyone who has partied at Tone in the last year and a half, please make sure you come and say goodbye at least once (if not 21 times!) Anyone who hasn’t yet been to Tone, make sure you come and see where the party’s AT.

A HUGE thanks must go to everyone who has supported us, contributed their creative passions and partied with us. Together, we have indeed set a new Tone.

Thank you Sydney, we love you. See you on the dancefloor.”

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