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Tool, Mastodon And Off! Members Have Launched A Salty New Supergroup

A new maritime-themed supergroup, dubbed Legend of The Seagullmen, has been birthed from the loins of heavy rock juggernauts Tool, Mastodon and Off!.

The oceanic foursome teams Mastodon vocalist-guitarist Brent Hinds and Tool drummer Danny Carey with Off!/Burning Brides guitarist Dimitri Coats and, apparently, Horton Hears a Who movie director Jimmy Hayward, who serves as the project’s producer. Yep.

Describing themselves as a “wacky nautical-themed supergroup”, Legend Of The Seagullmen have already released two new rock shanties via their official website, dubbed Ships Wreck and The Deep-Sea Diver, the latter of which can also be streamed below.

According to Rolling Stone, the group is the original brainchild of brothers Frank, Chris and David Dreyer, who have previously staged theatrical concerts and made movies about the “long-running legend” of the Seagullmen.

Frank Dreyer recently delved into said legend via an interview with The Beachside Report, saying it relates to a “400,000-year-old story with pirates, sailors, a rock band and mythical sea creatures.”

Listen: Legend Of The Seagullmen – The Deep-Sea Diver

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