Tool’s New Album Isn’t Ready, But They ARE Selling These New Blankets

It’s been almost a decade since the last Tool album first graced our ears, and while fans continue to sit tight in anticipation of the group’s super-highly-anticipated next album, the band are selling USD$200 blankets made from recycled Tool shirts.

Why? So we have something to wipe our tears on, presumably.

Tool announced their new limited edition blankets in a statement (below) posted to Facebook in which their fans were mercifully teased with news of new album details. “Checking to see if this is new album news? It’s not,” the statement reads.

Tool’s limited edition blankets, which are said to be “multi-purpose” (again, probably the tears thing), have been produced in limited quantities and in three different styles. The blankets consist of t-shirts hand-sewn to fleece, and are said to be “comfortable enough for home use, durable enough for festivals”.

Similar Tool blankets went up for sale in February this year, and despite their price, they appear to have sold strongly. Catch photos of the three new Tool blankets below, and to get your hands on some, jump over to the Tool webstore.

It seems like it was 10,000 days ago, but Tool’s latest album, 10,000 Days, was actually released in 2006. The band have been teasing new music in studio footage throughout the year, and are set to make their first live performance of 2015 at Arizona’s Monster Mash Festival on Halloween (31st October).

So grab a blanket and sit tight; our first taste of Tool’s next album could be just around the corner.

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Tool’s New Limited Edition Blankets (For Our Tears) (Via Facebook)

tool blanket 1 source facebook

tool blanket 2 source facebook

tool blanket 3 source facebook

NEW TOOL LIMITED EDITION BLANKETSCan I have your full attention please – yes, YOU – checking to see if this is new…

Posted by Tool on Monday, 31 August 2015

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