Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/Youtube

Travis Scott Deleted His Instagram After Getting Dragged For His Batman Costume

Travis Scott has deactivated his Instagram account after sharing photos of himself in a brown Batman costume for Halloween, and subsequently getting dragged.

The rapper shared a photo of himself wearing the brown costume in front of two brown cars. Unfortunately for Scott, fans felt the costume seemed more like a cockroach than Batman. And of course, the roasting ensued.

HypeBeast shared the outfit, asking fans what they thought. Comments included “Bat man doo doo drop”, “that’s roachman not batman”, and a simple, “he tried it.”

Anyway, Scott then deactivated is his Instagram which may have no correlation but… it seems like is some correlation.

However, Complex reports that a “source close to Travis Scott” said he, “Is taking a social media break to focus on his family and the state of the country, hoping he can lead fans toward an increased focus on life beyond the distractions of social media.”

In other news, Denzel Curry was asked by a fan on Twitter if he’d ever collab with Scott. Curry passed, saying “His attitude funky.”

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