triple j Institutes Hottest 100 ‘Troll Clause’ To Prevent Future Taylor Swift Attacks

Triple J isn’t taking any chances this year following the great #Tay4Hottest100 assault of 2014.

The indie cred of the entire station and its hipster flock was placed in jeopardy, when a grassroots campaign led by Buzzfeed Australia to get Taylor Swift into the Hottest 100 countdown almost brought the entire operation crashing to its knees.

T-Swizzle’s feelgood pop anthem Shake It Off was ultimately disqualified from contention – with the j’s declaring: “It’s not legit for other media to try and troll the poll” – and triple j purists eveywhere breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

sad hipster

And those sighs can now continue, because this year, triple j has bolstered its defences in the event of another attempted breach.

The public youth broadcaster has introduced a new ‘troll clause’ into its official voting rules, which enshrines in law the right of the station to quash votes it deems to be a threat to the sanctity of the sacred countdown.

The pre-emptive amendments are as follows:

1. Don’t troll the poll. Votes made as part of a competition that promotes a song or artist, or a campaign that undermines the Hottest 100 may be disqualified or ignored.

2. We want genuine votes, from genuine listeners. If we feel something’s preventing that from happening, we’ll look into it for you and take appropriate action.

So there you go. Triple J has given itself the power and omnipotence to suppress any potential uprisings by Beliebers, Directioners, Swifties, pissed off Kerser fans, whatever they deem to be troll-worthy, from this day forward.

And as further warning not to fuck with the Hottest 100 this year, the j’s have released the most epic promo trailer featuring pretty much every musician the station froths over doing some James Bond action movie style shit.

Voting for the Hottest 100 of 2015 is open now at triple j HQ.

Watch: Triple J Hottest 100 Trailer 2015

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