Triple J Unearthed Unveil New Website With More Features Yet To Come

The legends at triple j Unearthed have today revealed the fruits of their labour in the form of a brand spankin’ new web layout.

It’s not the finished product just yet, so hold tight for more updates, but the team have revealed that this is just the first step in creating a website that they truly believe will serve the music community best.

You’ll be able to search for and listen to new local music in a more streamlined capacity, however features such as reviews, and even right down to the nitty-gritty performance details, are still being worked out, so hang tight for those in future updates.

There’s a couple of massive differences between the new and the old, with the new site being mobile-friendly for the first time, allowing users to listen, and artists to even upload their tracks straight from their mobile.

The iconic pop-up jukebox has been laid to rest, with a sleek, new audio player coming to the rescue which sits neatly at the bottom of your screen, even as you navigate the rest of the site.

The chart section has been scrapped, with the platform instead opting for a more generalised popular page, where users can see content curated by the Unearthed team.

Artists! If your work gets played on Double J, your track will cop a lil black drum next to your song title, just as if your track gets played on triple j, a red drum gets allocated, and a green drum for Unearthed radio.

There are now more genres, more audio format options, more social links, and more!

They’ve even gone and changed the URL, adding it onto the triple j network. Check out the site here.

A lot has still yet to be optimised, including the page’s search engine, scheduling releases, leaving reviews as artists, track lyrics and credits, competitions, playlists, gig guide, embeddable player – you name it, it’s probably on the list of what’s to come.

Accessing new, local music is about to become a whole lot easier. Check out the full list of new features and what’s to come via the triple j website here.

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