Triple J’s Ben Dogged Liam By Giving Away His Number To The Whole Damn Country

Triple J jock Ben has really dogged his boi Liam by giving out his bro-host’s number live on air.

The elaborate prank has been unfolding over time, with Ben slipping the nation each cheeky digit of Liam’s mob “in riddle form” over a series of ten podcasts.

However, Liam claims that “The riddles were pathetic to say the least and now I’ve been swamped with calls”.

To give you a bit of insight, some of Ben’s sphynxian brain-busters included hints such as “The final number in Liam’s phone number is…doughnut” and “…It’s six. The next one’s six”.

As a result, homeboy apparently spent the weekend feeling very popular, as his phone blew up Mission Impossible styles with 1,672 missed calls and 3,541 messages.


“Liam Stapleton’s phone is ruined. This is what happens when you reveal personal numbers on air,” the lads posted on their official Instagram account.

“So far everyone I’ve spoken to have been quite pleasant,” Liam added on triple j. “But yeah, the phone has been buzzing off the hook.”

Let’s just hope Liam’s mum wasn’t trying to get onto him about anything urgent or needless to say Australia is going to be on her sh*tlist (it was all Ben’s fault, Mrs. Stapleton! He started it!)

Meanwhile, we eagerly await Liam’s inevitable act of vengeance. Your move, m8.


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