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Trivium Pay Tribute To Late Power Trip Singer Riley Gale

Trivium have honoured the late Riley Gale with a cover of a classic Power Trip track during a live-streamed Twitch performance.

Gale, formerly the lead singer of the Texas thrash metal band, recently passed away at just 34 years of age.

90 minutes into Trivium’s set, which saw them perform 16 songs including a bunch of deep cuts, frontman Matt Heafy paused to honour Gale.

“Talking about love and talking about good times, we had the pleasure of touring with Power Trip on one of our greatest U.K./European tours and that tour was absolutely unbelievable.”

“All of us band and crew got to know Riley quite a bit,” he continued. “Riley recently passed away at the age of 34 a couple days ago.

“I feel like Power Trip was one of the very few bands that weren’t ‘newer’ but they were newer to the world scene and I think they had a better shot of becoming one of the biggest metal/crossover/hardcore bands on the planet.”

Upon announcing his death, Power Trip did not reveal a cause, but encouraged fans to donate to Dallas Hope Charities.

“I know that those guys can still pull it together and I hope they can still pull it together and do what they do. Riley will be greatly missed,” Heafy went on.

“Everyone remembers him as being an undeniably incredible frontman which he was with a voice that sounded like no one else. I think Power Trip was doing something very different that other people weren’t doing and it was amazing they were able to bring so many fans of so many different genres into one band.

“So we want to pay tribute here and play a little song, we hope we do it a little bit of justice,” he said, before performing ‘Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)’ by Trivium.

Check out footage of the tribute below:

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