Trivium Split With Drummer Nick Augusto Due To “Off-Stage” Differences

Florida metal powerhouse Trivium have revealed they’ve parted ways with drummer of three years Nick Augusto, citing a fraying of their “off stage” relationship as a catalyst for the change. Bassist Paolo Gregoletto made the announcement via the band’s Facebook page.

In the post, Gregoletto confirmed he and fellow band members Matt and Corey had made the decision to continue without Augusto who had been with the group since 2010, having taken over for the band’s original drummer, Travis Smith, who left in 2009. The band’s drum tech has taken over in the interim.

“This past Sunday, Matt, Corey, and I decided that it was best to part ways with Nick and to move forward as soon as possible,” he writes. “This decision was not one that we took lightly, given the fact that we are in the midst of a tour, and more importantly, that Nick has been with us for almost 3 and half years.”

Gregoletto, who had initially asked Augusto to join Trivium, explains that the band had broken the news to Augusto whilst travelling on their tour bus in the midst of their current Vengeance Falls album tour. He says that while the timing may not be perfect, “off-stage” differences between the band and Augusto had become more apparent.

“I believe we all agreed that what started out great ‘off stage’ in the beginning, over time began to fray,” he explains. “It became obvious that things were not going to work out in the long run. We did not want to reach the point where the differences between us became apparent on stage.”

“Being in a band is privilege afforded to us by all of you, and as much as we owe you guys the best show we can possibly give you, we also realise that being out here has to be enjoyable enough for us to continue to do so.”

Gregoletto says the split has been fairly amicable and continues to sing the praises of Augusto’s percussion skills. “I will be the first person to vouch for him as an incredible drummer and as an immense force and presence on stage,” he writes. “We truly wish nothing but the best for Nick and whatever projects he becomes involved in. We will be rooting for him to succeed.”

The band say even with this shakeup their tour has continued without a hitch, with drum tech Mat Madiro stepping in and “and learning our entire set in 24 hours”. Nick Augusto has not yet commented on the split.

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