Trivium Unleash The Beast Within On New Single ‘Strife’

Strife, the first single from Trivium’s upcoming epic Vengeance Falls has now been offered to fans, and from the moment plectrum is put to string it’s obvious this band is back in the baddest way possible.

The unmistakable chug of a Trivium lead guitar riff coaxes you into the track where you will soon find yourself surrounded by the thumping drums and relentless bass. Vocalist Matt Heafy has shed his well-developed growls for a much cleaner sound, though we will have to wait for the official release date of Friday, 11th October to find out whether this is a consistent element or not.

Disturbed/Device frontman David Draiman has done a masterful job at assisting the band on production, as they channel their inner beasts and put it on display for the record: Strife oozes metal mongrel and little is done to hide it. By the sounds of things, we can expect a dark album but, hey, if there’s one thing we know about dark albums from Trivium, it’s that they fucking rock.

No touring plans for Australia have been announced yet, so let’s just hope we see them on the Soundwave 2014 lineup, which drops at the end of this week.

Listen: Trivium – Strife

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