Turns Out Dave Grohl Trolled Christopher Walken Once

If you’ve heard Christopher Walken speak, you’d know that he has a way of putting distinct emphasis on certain words and years ago Dave Grohl took advantage of that.

In 2003, Foo Fighters were performing on Saturday Night Live and Walken was hosting. In a new interview Grohl told Radio X that Walken asked whether the accent was on Foo or Fighters for the introduction and Grohl decided to have a little fun.

“We know who he is, we know how he speaks so we said the accent is on Fighters actually,” Grohl said.

The result (below) is pretty incredible and the way that Grohl impersonates Walken is even more incredible which you can see in the interview below.

Foo Fighters are proving themselves to be pretty good trolls. Recently they trolled an entire audience by rick-rolling them with Rick Astley live in the flesh.

The legendary band released their latest album Concrete And Gold featuring surprising collaborations with Justin Timberlake and Boyz II Men.

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