Unreleased Prince Song Surfaces Online

A track recorded in the early 80s by his royal purpleness, Prince, has surfaced online to delight our ears. Lust U Always was recorded in 1982, around the same time that the historic 1999 LP was being recorded. Although the track was never actually released, his highness did offer it to Robert Palmer several years after its recording; however, he turned it down. With questionable lyrics such as ‘my body reaches for lust, I will rape you if I must’, it is understandable that this song was not given an official release as it would have caused quite a stir at the time.

Prince recently amazed Australian fans by performing several shows, all of which blew the minds of those in attendance. He also kept fans on edge, spontaneously announcing after parties, which featured the likes of Seal and Public Enemy.

Lust U Always is available below for your daily dose of musical goodness. It would have slotted in perfectly on 1999. I know what will be on repeat today.

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