A US Rapper Is More Than Half Way Through An Attempt To Rap For 24 Hours Straight

US rapper Murs is attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the longest rap session and he’s live streaming the whole thing.

In order to break the record he has to rap for 24 hours straight and he’s currently 14 hours into it and he’s doing a pretty damn good job.

He’s rapping both his own and other people’s tracks and by the sounds of it, he’s still got plenty of steam left in him. He seems composed, relaxed and even a bit like he’s enjoying it.

Every hour he’s allowed a five minute break and he will still break the record as long as he doesn’t take a break for any longer than that. So far, he’s sticking to the rules.

He’s still got a fair while to go, in fact it’s going to be very early in the morning here by the time he finishes up if he makes it to the finish line.

You can watch the live stream below.

Watch: Murs Attempts To Break A World Record

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