Vanadium Announce EP Launch And Brighton Up Bar Residency

Sydney-based rock n’ rollers Vanadium have announced they will be bringing their brand new EP into the world in style with an official launch party for the release at Sydney’s Gladstone, and backing it up with a string of once a month shows at both Brighton Up Bar and the Townie.

The band are in fine form having returned from a tour of Canada that some might describe as ‘uber successful’. Performing in a particular town called Markham, the band were one of the first live acts many locals had seen given it was only recently that the town had started becoming a venue for live music. Needless to say, Vanadium were treated like royalty and found themselves playing in front of hordes of screaming, frantic music lovers.

The hard working ethos doesn’t lie just on the road, but also in the studio. After a promoter couldn’t pay the band for a performance, he offered them free studio time at his home studio in a mansion on acreage. The band had nothing to record but couldn’t pass on the opportunity, so found themselves writing material on the drive to the studio.

Stand by for big things from this crew who aren’t afraid to put in the hard yards simply to rock our worlds.

Vanadium Tour Dates 2013

Friday, 2nd August – EP Launch
The Gladstone Feeling

Wednesday, 21 August
Brighton Up Bar Residency, Sydney

Thursday, 5th September
The Townie, Newtown

Wednesday, 18 September
Brighton Up Bar Residency, Sydney

Thursday, 3rd October
The Townie, Newtown

Wednesday, 16 October
Brighton Up Bar Residency, Sydney

Thursday, 7th November
The Townie, Newtown

Thursday, 19th December
The Townie, Newtown

Wednesady, 20th November
Brighton Up Bar, Sydney

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