Vanilla Ice Totally Flipped Out At The Airport After Missing His Flight

Back in 1991, he may have offered to solve any of our problems (while check out his hook as his DJ revolves it) but fast forward to 2016 and it looks like ya boy Vanilla Ice might need some assistance of his own. The dude has been caught having a bit of a barry at an airport after missing his flight.

Of course, if you’ve ever been in the public eye, TMZ are going to be there to capture such a moment. And while we at Music Feeds can absolutely sympathise with the bubbling rage induced from even the most uneventful airport visit…Dude…Being a dick gets you no where.

Robert Van Winkle, as he’s known to the government, was departing Atlanta for a gig in Nebraska (Yep, story checks out. Dude’s got tour dates with Salt N Pepa and Coolio) only to find out he wouldn’t be allowed on the plane. He then proceeded to berate someone who has no say in the matter.

“I’m sitting right here. No one has called me. No one said final call, nothing. I’ve been right there. There’s a fricking line right here. I’m thinking all these people are in line to board, I’m behind them right there.”

At this point, another member of the queue offers some advice, informing Ice he should have been paying attention to the monitors. “Hey, I don’t need any information from you, man,” Ice responds. “Shut your mouth. I don’t need anything from you. Shut up!” Take heed.

After the drama, Ice took to Twitter to play down the situation, actually make it a bit worse by teasing the dude who interjected for what he was wearing….

What he was wearing…..

What he was wearing…………

Vanilla Ice / Image: Daily Mail

He then followed it up with another apology tweet. “Sorry for offending anybody. Over caffeinated and no sleep. Wrong action but my point was right.”

Watch the encounter below.

UPDATE 04/08/16, 12.05pm: The Vanilla Ice airport saga continues as Aussie Channel 9 anchor drops a fire rap about it.

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