Veronica Milsom Has Announced Her Departure From Triple J

With her second baby on the way, longtime triple j Drive host Veronica Milsom has announced she’s leaving the station; her final day of work being Friday, 21st February.

In a video posted to social media, Ron shares the news of her resignation to both the camera and an ostensibly unprepared co-host Lewis Hobba, hearing the news through triple j’s “state of the art soundproof glass” and freaking out in primo Lewis fashion.

“When I have my baby, I’m actually not going to be coming back to work at a triple j, which was a really tough decision to make because I really love working here,” explains Milsom of her decision to leave the broadcaster she’s presented on for nearly six years.

Milsom has co-hosted Drive alongside Hobba since 2014, and had nothing but kind parting words for her partner in crime.

“Honestly, it’s been nice working with Lewis.”

“Lots of people think he’s a really annoying total piece of shit, but the truth is he’s fairly normal,” she adds, Hobba mouthing “what the fuck?” in the background.

A new co-host alongside Hobba is set to be announced soon – we’ll let you know when we know who’ll be picking up the headphones.

Watch the announcement clip below.[0]=68.ARA2ybByUz5xmJ9tGrgvDo34vhVvIp85KK5fHuBOMDXM1zQOHQgqHZQGDFWqmoBfuytbT1unH5O5oG2rTcI-y_ij-udvWsk_xEKngKCpQOhnpVhEMLdJjmeEwBaUgmQBQvZmvP6x6YyWDFS-vTNzNzbfRvT9cCAfVLJp-91YkYu8kmuVvl4stJDMCoIn5gjzivjQ6eE5ThNN4qAdeBXa8tuGiWiXdGVelcaQGDKGjiPqzZcSKDxelzA51klE8CZOGHQBmUmZPQ0doqT4ShydA-md7itkMxlA0Q6uaaaVY2MJ8pR3bei3njwYOlZMhyo0i3rEMlVs4KeGJ_YLPcqcHmrZWdbRzAAGYyrMFg&__tn__=-R

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