Victorian Council Duped By Stealth Music Festival Masquerading As ‘Engagement Party’

A Victorian bush doof has reportedly managed to hoodwink the local council over the weekend by pretending to be an engagement party.

The Wild Horses festival, held in a paddock at the northern VIC suburb of Cornella (which is near Colbinabbin, if that helps), drew hundreds of fancy-dressed punters across Friday, Saturday & Sunday with psychedelic installations and sets from a whole host of DJs:

But as Hit reports, organisers of the stealth dance fest claimed it was an engagement party to “bypass the necessary council permits”.

Council officials apparently came to investigate the scene on Friday night, where it’s claimed there were about 50 cars in the carpark, tents and loud music playing. Organisers told them it was a private event, and they swiftly took off again.

But now, they’ve admitted they were duped.

Campaspe Council spokespeople have told Hit they “made a mistake” and will now “decide on an appropriate course of action once an investigation is completed”.

Apparently Wild Horses was not advertised publicly this year, with tickets and event details being distributed from a private social media page.

However, the official Wild Horses Facebook page indicates the doofs are a bit of a semi-regular event around ol’ Cornella, with a more public festival being staged the same time last year.

Catch some of the footage & details from last year’s event below.

Music Feeds has contacted Campaspe Council for further comment.

UPDATE: Music Feeds has received the following comment from Paul McKenzie, Regulatory & Community Services General Manager:

“Council was made aware of the event at Cornella on Friday (8 Dec) and staff visited the site. Information provided on the day by the organiser outlined it was an invite only event, a combined birthday party and engagement and did not require payment to the event. Information now available after the event suggests this may be incorrect. Once all facts are to hand, council will decide the course of action to be taken.”

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