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This Video Of Ghost Winning Their Grammy Award Is Pretty Damn Hilarious

The 2016 Grammy Awards have got everybody’s lips wagging about Kenrick Lamar’s big trophy haul, Lady Gaga’s divisive David Bowie tribute and Tay Tay throwing shade at Kanye West.

But nobody’s talking about Ghost, because nobody saw them win their glorified paperweight.

The Swedish metal outfit took out the award show’s one and only heavy music category, ‘Best Metal Performance’, which was last year bestowed upon Tenacious D, who despite their musical merits are about as metal as Kung Fu Panda 3.

Further showcasing the Grammys’ utter disdain for all things heavy, not only was there still no ‘Best Metal Album’ category this year (despite there being one for the rock, “pop vocal”, “traditional pop vocal”, “contemporary instrumental” dance/electronic, alternative, R&B, urban contemporary, rap, country and about 40 other classical sub-genres) the one token metal award was (once again) doled out hastily before the official telecast even started.

Nonetheless, footage has emerged of Ghost winning their Grammy. And it’s unintentionally hilarious.

While the rest of the music industry was out swanning about on the red carpet, Ghost were inside the LA Staples Centre being announced as the metal award winners for their Meliora track, Cirice.

In the video of the announcement, not only is there utter confusion as the camera shows two redneck-looking dudes (one of whom turns out to be Meliora producer, Klas Åhlund) instead of the actual band, apparently the Grammys couldn’t even be bothered to play the actual song that won the award.

So instead, we get the incredibly amusing site of this mysterious and demonic-looking masked metal band strutting down the aisle to a piece of jaunty big band music that sounds like it was lifted from the ringtone library of someone’s flip-phone back in 2005.

Still, big congrats to Papa Emeritus and the Clergy for the win. And extra props for their chill AF acceptance speech, “Thank you for voting. Now go party.”

Watch: Ghost Wins Best Metal Performance (2016 Grammy Awards)

[MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY]We wish to inform you that Ghost's "Cirice" has won 'Best Metal Performance' at The Grammys. Congratulations Ghost and the Ghost army. Posted by Ghost on Monday, February 15, 2016

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