Violent Soho Capture The Efforts Of A Nudist For ‘In The Aisle’ Music Video

By now, anyone with an Internet connection is well aware that Violent Soho are gearing up to release their brand-new album Hungry Ghost and today the band have been kind enough to offer a new track off the record, In The Aisle. Violent Soho teamed up with director Tristan Houghton for the music video, which follows a Brisbane-based fella as he peddles his way across town in an attempt to spread his pro nudism message.

Anyone with a television will be familiar with the works of Houghton whose fingerprints can be found in all sorts of commercials. As a collaboration, the two parties have produced a charming clip, which we can promise you is 100% penis free. The protagonist travels through Brissy on his bike totally starkers as he shamelessly pamphlets the city. You’ll be able to get a cheeky laugh or two from members of the public’s reactions but despite what you may expect from the write up so far, it’s a very mature and SFW depiction.

The visuals match the theme of the song perfectly as the band explore the world of people who live in the community, but partake in activities outside of the norm and of course the plight of said people amongst the squares of the world.

Hungry Ghost will be available from Friday, 6th September but with a run of Australian tour dates set for August, you won’t have to wait that long to check it out.

Watch: Violent Soho – In The Aisle

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