Violent Soho Deny Ripping Off Sydney Artist With ‘WACO’ Cover Art

Violent Soho‘s new album WACO is tearing up the charts, but it’s also seen punters on social media tearing the band a new one.

A bit of a shitstorm was kicked up after a dude named Chris Loutfy posted a Facebook status claiming that Mansfield’s finest had ripped off their album artwork from Sydney-based artist James Jirat Patradoon.

Alongside a comparative picture of the two images, Loutfy’s now-deleted post said (via The Music):

“How good is it when succesful [sic] Australian band / their label asks James Jirat Patradoon to use his artwork, then when they didn’t want to pay a reasonable (already discounted) rate — got someone to just completely rip off his work for cheap.

Pay artists what they’re worth – especially when you are fucking artists.”

violent soho art

The band have since responded to the plagiarism claims with their own lengthy Facebook post.

Though not exactly explaining what led to the two images looking so similar, Violent Soho basically said that they’d worked with Patradoon before and there’s no bad blood, while rights were currently being worked out to make sure everyone involved with the artwork was happy.

“It was never our intention to copy another artist’s work,” they said. “We believe in supporting artists and paying them properly – as we always have from day one. We hope to work with James in the future as his work is sweet and we are big fans!!”

Read their full statement below or check out Music Feeds’ review of WACO here.

Hey guys, today someone made a comment online that our artwork for WACO is similar to an old illustration by respected…

Posted by Violent Soho on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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