Violent Soho Introduce US Fans To Their Australian Top 10

Brisbane band Violent Soho are getting used to having their influence felt in the Australian music scene, but they’re still continuing to make themselves known overseas. Now the group have thrown their weight behind some top-notch Australian acts to help shows the Yanks what we’re all about.

Violent Soho’s “10 Australian Bands You Need To Know” list for highly influential US publication Alternative Press, is already receiving some love from readers, and, with some of our best guitar-heavy Aussie acts on full display, why wouldn’t it?

Melbourne’s The Smith Street Band are named by their Aussie compatriots as “some of the best and most down-to-earth humans you will ever meet”, while I OH YOU label-mates DZ Deathrays get the honour of being labelled “one of the best live acts Australia has to offer”. Can’t argue there.

The top spot, though, goes to Tasmanian punk act Luca Brasi. Though still flying largely under the radar, even at home, Violent Soho want their US fans to embrace their Godfather-referencing brethren:

“This band plays the kind of heartfelt punk music that makes you feel like you’re at the best house party ever with all of your best friends, just after you’ve had a couple of bongs of the best beer in the world and the hottest chick at the party just winked at you.”

Other lesser-known acts on the list include Ceres, ROKU MUSIC, Freak Wave and Turnpike. Violent Soho’s profile is on the rise in US, thanks in no small part to a shout-out from Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and, ahem, Joel Madden in September, and hopefully VS can give the rest of these Aussie legends a bit of a leg-up too.

Violent Soho will embark on a massive national tour across November and December. Listen along to Violent Soho’s “10 Australian Bands You Need To Know” playlist, below.

Violent Soho’s “10 Australian Bands You Need To Know” List

1. Luca BrasiWaves

2. The Smith Street BandSurrender

3. CeresSyllables

4. Freak WaveDeep Burn

5. Sounds Like SunsetSecond Chance

6. DZ DeathraysReflective Skull

7. Turnpike (Live at the Woolloongabba Hotel, 2002)

8. ROKU MUSICReflector

9. White WallsMt. Tone

10. Straight ArrowsPetrified

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