Vista Chino (Ex-Kyuss Members) Release New Track ‘Barcelonian’

Vista Chino have now released the second track from their forthcoming album Peace. Titled Barcelonian, the track is a promising sign that something positive is to come from the ashes of Kyuss, as members John Garcia and Brant Bjork have stayed true to their sound while managing to distance themselves just enough from their previous project.

Structurally, the two bands are alike, with Bjork once again piecing together the tracks and Garcia coating them in his soulful vocals. Alongside the partners in crime is new kid on the block Bruno Fevery handling the axe duties. Though the fall-out from Kyuss has taken its toll, Vista Chino certainly aren’t defeated, or if they are, it certainly doesn’t show in their music.

Music Feeds caught up with a member of Kyuss Lives! as they toured under the moniker for the last time ever for Soundwave 2013. You can check out the interview here.

The first track to be released from the album was a fuzzed-out affair called Dargona, Dragona. You can check out that track beneath Barcelonian. Both are sure to invoke fond memories of Kyuss albums past.

Listen: Vista Chino – Barcelonian

Listen: Vista Chino – Dargona, Dragona

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