Vista Chino To Tour Australia January 2014, Debut Album Gets Release Date

The moment that all Kyuss fans have been waiting for is almost upon us, with the reincarnated version of the band – now performing and recording under the name Vista Chino – have locked in an August release date for their debut studio full-length offering Peace.

Already from the record we’ve heard two tracks from the record, Dargona Dragona and more recently Barcelonian, and so far it seems as though Peace will retain a similar level of fury and intensity to both Kyuss and the short-lived Kyuss Lives!

Peace will be a continuation of the band’s ongoing legacy, rather than the start of a new era as Vista Chino (the name of the main road of their home town Palm Springs, California) by name and nature represents the true roots of the band and their relationship.

The record was produced by the group’s legendary drummer Brant Bjork and contains 10 fresh new tracks. There is sure to be a lot of depth to the new material considering the uphill legal battle fought by the band’s members after they copped heat for using the trademarked Kyuss name without proper permission.

Australian fans shouldn’t have too long to wait to hear the new tracks live, either, with Bjork recently confirming to MXDWN that they’ll be returning Down Under early next year.

“We are here in Europe for another week and then we are hitting home for a North American tour and Canada in September,” says Bjork. “I believe in October/November we will be back here in Europe for the headlining tour. After I think we are heading down to Australia in January.”

Stoked! Peace will be released in Australia through the Soundwave affiliated album 3wise Records on Friday, 30th August .

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