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Watch Action Bronson Deal With A Stage Invader In New York

It’s been a big week for New York City rapper Action Bronson, who released his major label debut album Mr Wonderful this week, and not even a stage invader at his recent album release show was going to deter him from celebrating.

As can ben seen in the footage below, Bronson was mid-way through a verse on Amadu Diablo, a freestyle rap over Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Reason featured on his Blue Chips 2 mixtape, when a hapless fan jumped onto the stage to interrupt.

Bronson dealt with the invasion of space swiftly and effectively, tossing the man back into the crowd, picking up the mic and continued rapping. To be fair, this might have been exactly what the punter was after, given that this isn’t the first time Bronson has thrown a fan off stage.

It isn’t even the first time Bronson has thrown anything off stage in general. Past Bronson crowd-tossed items include a PS4, an XBox, iPod minis and a flat-screen TV, which Bronson “gifted” to fans at a Christmas gig last year. Now if we could only get him to do the same for Australian audiences.

The rapper also recently visited the Late Show With David Letterman alongside Chance the Rapper to perform the Mr Wonderful track Baby Blue, made in collaboration with producer Mark Ronson. The TV appearance did not feature any crowd-tossing antics.

Watch: Action Bronson throws fan off stage at record release show 2015.

Watch: Action Bronson: Baby Blue – David Letterman

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