Watch Action Bronson Toss A Flat Screen Into The Crowd Mid-Set

It really is a wonderful time of year, especially for those attending Action Bronson‘s recent concert in Santa Ana, California where he fully embodied the spirit of the season and pulled a full on Santa, gifting a slew of electronic presents to the crowd, including a flat-screen television.

Reports Pitchfork, Bronson decided to start Christmas a little earlier this year and during his set threw a bunch gifts, including a PS4, an XBox, iPod minis and a flat-screen TV into the crowd for fans to take home, his DJ setting the scene by blasting Cash Money’s Project Chick.

In the vine below you can see Bronson throwing the television directly into the crowd. Seeing as we can’t see the ensuing struggle between fans wanting to claim the thing for themselves, we’re just going to assume it was peaceful. In fact, following the show Bronson asked fans who had managed to walk away with the goods to post pictures, a request obliged by the, seemingly unscathed, new owner of the TV.

This is just another occurrence in a long list of unexpected events at a Bronson show. Such instances include the time he rapped through a mid-song toilet break, body slammed a fan trying to jump onstage and performed at a nursing home.

Sadly, Bronson won’t be bringing his favourite-things themed show to our shores any time soon, having already cancelled two Australian tours, including headline performances at three Australian music festivals, this year.

For evidence of what could have been, watch footage of the giveaway below.

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