Watch Alex The Astronaut Cover Electric Light Orchestra For Triple J Like A Version

Alex The Astronaut has delivered the most fun and glorious take on Electric Light Orchestra’s ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ for triple j’s Like A Version. It’s full of that infectious happiness that comes with each Alex The Astronaut performance, which is a huge vibe.

The cover doesn’t stray so far from the original but it’s a modern take on an old classic and Alex’s vocals lend so much to it.

We were also blessed with an original from the folk-pop singer. She performed ‘I Think You’re Great’ for us in all its glory, and tied it off with a nice little drum solo, where she swapped with Lindy Morrison from The Go-Betweens (fancy).

You can catch both performances down below.

In her Behind the Like A Version, Alex The Astronaut says, “I’ve always liked this song. My parents used to play it at their parties when I was really little, I think that’s how I know it.”

“It’s the reference that I always use when I’m writing songs,” she said.

“I’ve always tried to write a song that’s as fun and epic as it. But, just one day, I’m just working into it.”

She also reveals she had to bring her management around on the cover. How’d she do it? By sending them TikToks and a Guardians of the Galaxy montage where Groot dances to it.

The Like a Version gives a little nod to Groot, as he sits on her VOCODA.

Last time Alex The Astronaut was in the Like A Version studio, she took on Paul Kelly’s ‘If I Could Start Today Again’.

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