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Watch Ashton Kutcher Kiss Someone’s Nan, Punk Unsuspecting JB Hi-Fi Customers In Sydney

Eight years after Ashton Kutcher’s hidden camera show Punk’d pulled its last ever prank, the perennial brat has been up to his old tricks here in Australia, pulling a fast one on customers inside a Sydney music store.

The Dude, Where’s My Car star put on his best (worst) Stray’an accent and disguised himself as mild-mannered Aussie sales-bloke “Coodrey” to flog a new tablet device to unsuspecting shoppers at JB Hi-Fi.

The newly released video of the stunt comes engineered with the latest in LOL technology and an ergonomic cringe factor as the 37-year-old actor pushes the boundaries of acceptable customer service, challenging two well-muscled gents to an arm wrestle and locking lips with somebody’s nan (step off, Mila Kunis!).

Regardless of what you think about the video, you have to admit it’s a baller move by Lenovo, a company who weren’t exactly a household name prior to the stunt, who will now be forever synonymous with granny-smooching, jokes about animal sex and the worst Aussie accent attempt since The Simpsons introduced chazwozzas into the Australian ecosystem.

Watch: Ashton Kutcher Hidden Camera Prank In Australia

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