WATCH: Australian Idol’s Fave Emo Lee Harding Just Resurfaced On ‘The Voice’ To Crush ‘Killing In The Name’

Before there was The Voice, there was Australian Idol. The nation’s OG reality TV talent show of choice gifted us with a great many shining stars, not least #1 Idol Guy Sebastian — now with enough superstar status to qualify for a judging on The Voice — and of course his arch nemesis Shannon Noll. But another beloved talent that came out of the series was emo warrior, Lee Harding.

If you need a refresher, the rainbow-haired, guyliner-streaked rocker dominated season 3 of Idol, finally bowing out in third place before going on to release an ARIA chart-topping hit dubbed ‘Wasabi’:


Anyhoo, after dropping a pretty successful album and touring with the likes of Shannon Noll and INXS, Harding drifted away from the spotlight and has remained out of the public eye for over a decade.

Until now, that is.

Harding has just resurfaced, with a pretty dramatic makeover, as a contestant on The Voice.

Appearing on tonight’s ep, he had a crack at Rage Against The Machine’s classic ‘Killing In The Name’ and crushed it hard enough to make all the judges turn their fancy-ass spinning chairs around.

If you’re a fellow RATM fan you’ll likely still find the footage cringey AF to watch with all the cuts-to-cheesy-judge-reactions that are part and parcel of The Voice‘s format. But still, Harding does a pretty great job tackling Zack’s iconic vocal.

Spolier alert: he’s decided to team with Boy George for the remainder of the season, so strap yourselves in.

Watch your favourite Aus Idol emo graduate Lee Harding covering ‘Killing In The Name’ on The Voice below.

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