Watch Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock Give Love And Dating Advice

Fresh from a starring role in Noah Baumbach’s new film While We’re Young, Beastie Boys‘ Adam Horovitz, aka Ad-Rock, is now taking a new role in the love advice game, taking part in Rookie‘s popular Ask a Grown Man series.

Horovitz fielded a number of love-related questions traipsing such territory as first kisses, breaking up and dealing with insecurities. His Ask a Grown Man video follows ones from fellow musicians Run The Jewels, Vampire Weekend, Thom Yorke and more.

His first piece of wisdom was for a young reader asking about overcoming their fear of the first kiss. “Go ahead and kiss! Go ahead and do it!” he said adorably. “There’s something really special about being really close in just the moment, and you don’t have to do anything else. No big thing to do about it. Just a quick little kiss.”

He also offered some advice about how to breakup, including a “blame you parents” approach, and tells one reader who is concerned about her boyfriend’s lack of initiative that, “I don’t mean to generalise, but I’m going to. Boys are, for the most part, not very observant, or all that together smart for that matter.”

Ad-Rock’s best and most heartfelt piece of advice was about dealing with everyday confidence issues and insecurities. “I know that when I get down or feel alone or depressed, I make music and it makes me happy,” he explained. “I would say, think about the thing that makes you happiest and do that. If it’s drawing or dancing or listening to music or bowling, whatever it is that makes you happy, I would focus on that and you’ll definitely gain some confidence.”

“I promise you you’re not alone,” he added. “My guess is that we’re all alike, we’re all just trying to figure it out.”

Recently Ad-Rock confirmed that the Beastie Boys are officially “done” but revealed that there is some previously unreleased material “in the vault” that he hopes to someday release.

Watch his video, via Rookie, below.

Watch: Adam Horovitz, aka Ad-Rock, on Ask A Grown Man

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