Watch Beyoncé & Dixie Chicks Nail ‘Daddy Lessons’ At The CMAs

Beyoncé‘s 2016 album Lemonade has seen her once again rise to the summit of world music.

Now, Queen B has teamed up with legendary country music trio Dixie Chicks to perform (and record) a stootin’ new version of her track Daddy Lessons.

Appropriately, Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks performed the track at the 2016 Country Music Awards (CMAs), complete with a massive band including live harmonica, guitars, horns and stacks more.

It was perhaps inevitable that they finally record a version of the song together, as the Dixie Chicks had been working an acoustic version of Daddy Lessons into their shows for some time now.

The official studio version has since been shared online as well, and you can listen to both the live and recorded versions below.

You can catch the Dixie Chicks touring Australia in March and April, 2017.

Watch: Beyoncé & Dixie Chicks – ‘Daddy Lessons’ (Live at the CMA’s)

Listen: Beyoncé & Dixie Chicks – ‘Daddy Lessons’

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