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Watch A British DJ Play A DJ Set With Records Made From Food

After turning a tortilla into a playable record a month or so ago, which you too can do, DJ and producer Matthew Herbet has taken it a full step further playing a DJ set of “edible sounds” with records printed on food.

While the torill-album was always described as part of a larger series, I’m not sure anyone was expecting Herbert to offer up such an enormous smorgasbord of sounds. Using such varied foodstuffs as cheese, ham, eggplant, onion and potato among others, he uses laser etching to create the records.

Commissioned by Science Gallery London at King’s College, the edible sounds series is part of FED UP: The Future of Food, an art project focusing on current issues surrounding food production, nutrition and waste.

Check out photos of the event and Herbert’s creations here below.

Flash: DJ producer Matthew Herbert has launched a new release series called “Edible Sounds”. The records live up to... Posted by KITE FM on Thursday, March 3, 2016

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