Watch Chris Martin’s One-Man Band Take Over A Sydney Street

While a Coldplay tour or album understandably takes months worth of planning and preparation, the band have decided to fly by the seat of their pants with their latest clip. After calling on 250 fans for an impromptu video shoot, the guys took over King St in the heart of Sydney’s famed Newtown.

Having assembled their 250 fans and strapped on their one-man-band rigs, images and footage currently flooding social media show how the troop marched from Newtown’s Courthouse Hotel down the suburb’s central thoroughfare, culminating in a Big Bang-like explosion of confetti.

According to the band’s Australian label Warner Music Australia, who had their spies in the front row snapping footage which you can check out below, the band’s guerilla-style video for A Sky Full Of Stars, a track from their most recent album Ghost Stories, is slated to be “up in a few days.”

Watch: Coldplay’s A Sky Full Of Stars Music Video Set

Watch: Coldplay Music Video Shoot | 9 News Sydney

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