Watch: Compressorhead Jamming Before Big Day Out

Naturally, before you go and play some big shows, it’s good to have a jam with your bandmates in the garage.

And that’s what Germany’s rockin’ robot trio Compressorhead have been up to lately, as they prepare to unleash all their metallic fury and robotic head-banging on crowds at the Big Day Out later this month.

The band have whacked a video of them rehearsing a cover of Motorhead’s Ace of Spades on their YouTube page – and they do a pretty respectable job of it, despite no vocals.

Four-armed drummer Stickboy has his work cut out for him, but manages to keep up the pace pretty well. Guitarist Fingers bends his knees and swivels around regularly, while bass player Bones doesn’t exactly look like he’s doing too much. But the thumping bass-lines are still there, and he nods his head and moves his hands on a couple of occasions. Watch the video of Ace of Spades at the bottom of the page.

Compressorhead will be opening the main stage at Big Day Out in all cities just before House vs Hurricane, so be sure to take a look at them and show them some robot-friendly love. For all the timetables and maps for Big Day Out 2013, click here.

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