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Watch Darude Blast Finland Into 2017 With ‘Sandstorm’ & Some Fireworks

The musical mastermind behind the trance classic ‘Sandstorm’, Darude, has brought his native Finland into 2017 by performing the track right on midnight, complete with a buttload of fireworks.

Darude’s performance, which you can bask in below, was also part of Finland marking 100 years of independence from Russia. In celebration, locals in Helsinki were treated to a rousing run-through of ‘Sandstorm’, which dropped right on 12:00am.

“I’m still practically tearing up about this experience today,” Darude posted on Facebook following the performance.

“What an honor it was to usher in 2017 at the Suomi 100 opening party with 130K of my fellow Finns at Kansalaistori in Helsinki. I will remember this night for the rest of my life.”

So will we, Darude. So will we.

Watch him blast Finland into 2017 with ‘Sandstorm’, below.

Watch: Darude Performs ‘Sandstorm’ For Finland’s 2017 Countdown

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