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Watch Dave Grohl Have A Real-Life Spinal Tap Moment In Amsterdam

No matter how much money goes into tour productions, hilarious Spinal Tap moments will just keep happening, even to old mates like Dave Grohl, who earlier this week had Foo Fighters‘ huge stage curtain awkwardly get stuck between him and the audience.

Crowd-shot footage from the Foo’s recent gig in Amsterdam shows the beginning of the band’s set being interrupted by a naughty giant curtain who didn’t fall correctly, leaving Grohl and his beloved throne hidden behind a mass of black fabric.

The frontman doesn’t let up, though, momentarily continuing to perform the Foo’s opening track Everlong, and even letting out a joyful “HA HAH!” as he remains cloaked in black.

Grohl finally calls the track to a halt before the curtain is winched back up, freeing him to the delight of fans.

“Sometimes it’s the fucked up things that make you remember the show for the rest of your life,” Grohl tells the crowd before calling the song in for a restart.

And to think that former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum recently had the nerve to suggest the Foo Fighters’ live show lacks “danger”

Watch Dave Grohl’s dangerous Spinal Tap moment below, alongside the original malfunctioning pod scene in all its glory.

Watch: Dave Grohl Has Real-Life Spinal Tap Moment In Amsterdam (05/11/15)

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