Watch Dave Grohl Triumphantly Return To The Stage Astride An ‘Iron Throne’ Of Rock

David Eric Grohl, the First of his Name, has proven once and for all that – even with a broken leg – he still rules the stage.

The Foo Fighter has commemorated his return to the live arena by rocking out atop a Game Of Thrones style chair, gloriously wrought of guitar necks, spotlights, a speaker cabinet, an illuminated Foos logo and “lasers and shit”.

Bringing just as much metal as the HBO show’s notorious Iron Throne, Grohl gallantly glided onto the stage on board his rock n’ roll recliner with his leg still in a cast, in honour of the 20th anniversary of Foo Fighters’ debut album.

The massive concert in Washington DC marked the Foos’ first live performance since cancelling their European dates and Glastonbury headline slot, following the initial incident in Sweden that saw Grohl shatter his leg and then bravely soldier on and finish the show: IN YOUR FACE DOCTORS

As well as featuring special performances by Heart, Joan Jett, Gary Clark Jr., Buddy Guy, and many more, the Foos’ 20th anniversary spectacular also saw the band joined by Grohl’s mum, Virginia, prior to their rendition of For All the Cows (which sounds bad when you put it like that but was actually super sweet).

Grohl also took some time to once again recount the tale of his broken leg, relishing the opportunity to replay, multiple times, the footage of his stack, and tell of the invention of his magnificent throne.

“I said, I’m not missing this show for the world. Build me that throne and we’ll play a Washington DC rock concert …. because nothing is impossible, nothing’s impossible,” he said.

As Grohl told the audience, he actually came up with the design of his rock throne while in hospital, high on oxycontin.

“I was as high as a kite when I drew that,” Grohl said while sharing a picture of the original throne sketch that included features such as “lasers and shit shooting from the top” and an “illuminati logo”.

Long live the king.

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