Watch: Dave Grohl’s New ‘Sound City Studios’ Documentary Trailer

‘Hey Australia’: a simple statement posted about an hour ago on the official Facebook page of the upcoming Dave Grohl-driven documentary Sound City Movie. The status is followed by a link to the doco’s official site, which gives fans the chance to turn up the volume and start up the newest preview for the Sound City Movie.

If all that clicking sounds too much, then not to worry, Music Feeds has embedded the latest trailer below. Meanwhile, Rolling Stone has broken down the latest snippet, noting appearances from Tom Petty, whose band The Heartbreakers Grohl considered joining after Nirvana; Mick Fleetwood; Butch Vig; Trent Reznor; and John Fogerty.

For anyone who has been keeping abreast of the doco about the fabled studio, excitement levels keep on growing with each new trailer for Sound City Movie. Legendary producer, the aforementioned Butch Vig, has forecast that the documentary and the soundtrack will be released early next year, which we know will feature a collaboration between Grohl and Slipknot’s Corey Taylor.

Watch: Sound City Movie – Trailer

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