Megadeth Perform In Sydney, 18.10.15 / Photo: Ashley Mar

Watch Dave Mustaine Destroy “Pile Of Shit” Heckler At Megadeth Show

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has unleashed the fiery ginger within and served a loudmouth heckler at one of his shows with a warm glass of shut-the-fuck-up.

MegaDave was bantering with the crowd in the middle of the band’s set in Illinois last week, when some douche decided to open his pie hole and shout something up at the stage. Needless to say, Mustaine unleashed a symphony of verbal destruction.

“Okay, everybody, I’m gonna wait ’till this asshole is done talking,” he tells the crowd in the footage below.

“No, go ahead,” he continues, addressing the heckler.

“Whatever you’ve got to say is more important than what I’ve got to say. Go ahead. No, don’t act like a kiss-ass now. Talk or shut the fuck up.”

Spurred on by a round of cheers and applause, Mustaine adds, “What a turd. Okay, so before I was so rudely interrupted by this pile of shit…” and returns to his initial banter.

The lesson here? Cross Dave Mustaine and suffer the Train Of Consequences.

Catch footage of the whole thing, below.

Watch: Dave Mustaine Destroys “Pile Of Shit” Heckler

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