Watch: Diafrix ‘Pocket Full Of Dreams’ Episode #4: “I’d Be Better With You”

Melbourne-based hip hop duo Diafrix sure know how to treat their fans: only a couple of days ago the pair handed down a free track. Now today they’ve unveiled their latest instalment from their making-of series behind the new album.

It is centred around the latest track off the release, which features Dwele – a name you may recognise next to Kanye’s on Power and Slum Village‘s on Tainted. The boys described the collaboration as “a dream come true” in the clip as they explain their inspirations for the track, both concentrating on their family.

The pair have previously caught up with the Music Feeds team to chat about the new album, which is set to drop September 28.

Take a look at number 4 below, and we’ve also thrown in the previous 3 for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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