Watch: Dr Dre Rules Out Hologram Tupac Tour, Kinda

Dr Dre has addressed the Tupac Hologram tour rumours via a recorded video message backstage from Coachella today. Dre posted the video on YouTube, saying, “I want to get rid of all the rumors out there…It was strictly for Coachella, get it right”, but then he didn’t really rule it out all together, adding, “If a tour happens, we’ll see. This was done strictly for Coachella 2012, just for you.”

The hologram was a worldwide sensation last week when Tupac appeared during Dre and Snoop’s closing Coachella set, which was streaming live on YouTube. Things were different today, though, when everyone in the crowd knew what was coming. According to Spinner, the anticipation ‘haunted’ the festival as a whole.

While most of the world’s hip hop community spent last week praising the hologram performance, For Death Row CEO, Suge Knight, wasn’t so impressed by Tupac’s resurrection because he wasn’t wearing his iconic Death Row Records chain. Knight told TMZ,

“At the end of the day, how you gonna take the Death Row chain off Pac? That’s like taking the Raiders symbol off the Raiders.”

Where hologram Tupac goes from here, only time will tell…

Watch: Dr Dre Rules Out Hologram Tupac Tour, Kinda

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