Watch Drake Get Belittled And Sat On In Hilariously Awkward Interview

Drake is already pretty small on the cover for his latest record VIEWS but an interview on Maya Rudolph and Martin Short’s new sketch comedy show Maya & Marty made him feel even smaller.

Jiminy Glick is the big-bellied, boisterous celebrity reporter you never knew you needed and he sat down with Drake, with little to zero idea of who the rapper actually was.

Drizzy laughed along awkwardly and smiled as Glick said he wasn’t a celebrity, claimed not to know his number one track One Dance and declared him as having “zero street cred”.

Just when things couldn’t get any more awkward Glick sat on Drake and then offered him a doughnut before telling him that he’s better endowed.

Of course, if this was a real interview it’s likely Drake would’ve walked out of it within seconds because he’s got too much money and too many Twitter followers to sit through dribble like this. Glick is the genius work of Martin Short who seems to have taken the best bits of Ryan Seacrest and Richard Wilkins to create his character.

Drizzy is a great sport throughout the whole thing, proving he’s as good an actor as his Degrassi days would suggest.

Watch: Jiminy Glick Interview Drake On Maya & Marty

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