Watch DZ Deathrays Cover Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ At Falls Festival

If you’re aching at the thought of your friends being at Falls Festival without you right now, this ain’t gonna help. Aussie garage punks and closeted trance fans DZ Deathrays smashed out an epic cover of Finnish DJ Darude‘s Sandstorm earlier today, whipping the crowd into a frenzy and promptly trampling your hopes of an equally memorable New Year’s tale.

Sandstorm is the 15-year-old trance anthem you can’t escape in this country right now. Peking Duk threw it in your face at the climax of their Stereosonic set, sending the tune hurtling back into the iTunes dance charts. Then Future Music Festival got a whiff, went one better and added Darude himself to their 2015 lineup.

Of course, DZ Deathrays, being the Aussie legends and last-minute Falls Festival saviours that they are, have the crowd on their side here, turning Australia’s semi-ironic appreciation of a once kinda naff tune into a dusty, sweaty, whole-hearted mosh. Pretty sure that’s a mini circle pit in there too.

Check the clip, via the band’s label I OH YOU, below.

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