Photo by Joshua Halling

Watch Every Time I Die Frontman Foil Stage Invader’s Selfie Attempt With Ninja Skill

Here’s a friendly PSA kiddies: don’t try and jump onstage to take a selfie during Every Time I Die‘s upcoming gig at UNIFY Gathering, because that shit will get shut-the-fark-down quicker than you can say KIAI!

The NY metalcore champs have a well-documented zero tolerance policy for snap-happy stage invaders, and are steadily establishing a colourful history of thwarting their attempts using some Brazilian jiu-jitsu style moves.

Case in point: a .gif has just appeared online showing frontman Keith Buckley flick-chopping a stage invader’s phone right out of his goddamn hand in the middle of an ETID live show.

It’s not yet known where or when the whole thing took place, but the footage is irreplaceable. Behold:


It comes after a highly publicised incident in 2014 that saw Buckley’s brother-slash-guitarist Jordan literally karate-kick a phone out of a stage-jumper’s hand as she was trying to snapchat a selfie of her exploits (catch that footage below).

After the incident, Buckley took to Twitter, posting: “Stage selfies = look at me look at me I didn’t get enough attention as a kid and can’t handle 5 people here getting more attention than me.”

The issue of phone use at concerts is becoming something of a hot topic, and not just with regard to wannabe onstage selfie-takers. Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer recently straight-up refused to play the Californication solo during the band’s gig in Italy, instead filming the crowd to protest all the punters who’d been standing there filming on their phones the whole time instead of jumping around and enjoying the freakin’ show.

So anyway, yeah. Don’t try to pull this shit at UNIFY or at any of ETID’s Australian tour dates with Letlive. next year, or the band are pretty much guaranteed to come at you like a Kung Fu Panda.

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