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Watch Every Time I Die’s Bassist Almost Miss Their Gig After Getting Stuck In The Crapper

Every Time I Die bassman Steve Micchiche has narrowly dodged the most shithouse gig of his life after getting trapped in the dunny at the band’s recent show in LA.

Thanks to a faulty toilet door, the metalcore champ became stuck inside the crap-stall and was about 10 minutes out from showtime when the venue’s sledgehammer-wielding staff managed to bash the door down and set him loose.

“I legit got locked in a bathroom tonight and was 10mins away from missing our set. Staff had to sledgehammer the door down,” the Unify Gathering 2017 alum vented to fans on Twitter.

“I didn’t even have my phone on me. We were minutes away from a 4 piece tonight. I hear a guy on a radio on the other side of the door go “last time this happened here”…da fuck?! Last time! Spend $20 for a new lock!”

Naturally, ETID filmed the whole ordeal and have slapped the video up on social media for us all to enjoy.


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