Watch: First Look Into Kanye West’s New Film ‘Cruel Winter’

Following up from his arthouse film debut Cruel Summer, which screened at Cannes in May, Kanye West has come good on rumours that a cruel summer must be followed by a Cruel Winter. The vague so-artistic-it’s-almost-painful trailer has now been posted online, to confuse and potentially excite all those waiting.

The clip was picked up by Vulture (Via Pitchfork) both of whom commented on the brief, strange nature of the trailer. It shows some dark, ominous landscapes: the kind where you’d want to hide a dead body. Synced to the footage is the New World Order speech handed down by George Bush Snr in an attempt to gee people up over the Gulf War. All real strange stuff.

Whether it is weird for the sake of weird, or potentially a groundbreaking art house masterpiece, is certainly not revealed by the trailer, so we will have to wait for the release of Cruel Winter to find out. Prepare for an album by the same name, which has also been heavily rumoured.

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